Speech Communication

Welcome to Phillips Preparatory's Speech Communication site.  My name is Robin Whitney, and I have been teaching Speech Communication at Phillips for twenty-two years. In addition to a Language Arts degree, I also have a degree in Communication Arts.  I feel like the latter degree has helped me to create an interesting, yet challenging speech curriculum.

Some of the speeches and projects that we tackle each semester in 7th Grade Speech Communication include:

  • Introductory Interview
  • Thematic Speech
  • Informative Speech
  • Group Communication Project
  • Poetry Presentations
  • Demonstrative Speech
  • Persuasive Speech/Project
  • Impromptu Speech (time permitting)

In 6th Grade Speech Communication, we present an Introductory Speech, a Friendship Speech, and a Favorite ___ Speech.


Robin Whitney

Phone: 251.221.2286