Who are we?

Our 8th grade enrichment elective courses at PPS include four classes for "drama players," devoted strictly to the dramatic arts.  The "drama players" students self-select this elective where they will participate in activities such as readers' theatre, improvisation, pantomime, mask making, script writing, scene development, characterizations, and musical theatre. 

The PPS tradition has been that each year several school programs and big winter and spring shows are devoted to the performing arts.  This year will be no different.  Each fall, Drama Players learn theater terms, develop body awareness and spatial perception by engaging in a variety of theater activities, work on using their voices effectively, and practice acting skills.  Monologue performances in class are a major assessment during that term.


Sponsor Us!

Sponsorship Opportunities for FRIENDS of the Phillips Preparatory Choral and Dramatic Arts Program

Unfortunately, lack of funding is always an issue classes in the arts face. Our chorus/drama program is no different. Music and scripts are costly and copying them on a copying machine is unethical, not to mention illegal; just one of these items may run anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 per student! In addition, we are constantly striving to improve our sound system, and would like to begin work on a lighting system for our stage. Costumes and props are also needed.

After consideration of various ways to "raise money" for these purchases, we felt that rather than trying to sell something to you (thus competing with sales of other groups), we would just come right out and "tell it like it is" and ask for your help as a CHORUS/DRAMA SPONSOR. Music and performing are so important to us, and we want our program to be the best it can be. With your help, we will be on our way to that goal!

In the FORMS section of this webpage is a sponsorship letter of request and an outline of suggested levels of giving. We will post the names of our sponsors in our classroom, in the hallway outside our room, on our webpage and in the news section of our school’s website, and in our printed programs for the events in which we participate. Sponsors receive invitations to all performances during the year and a specified number of tickets (per giving level) for all performances for which tickets are required. And preferred seating will be made available, when possible. We hope that you will thoughtfully consider supporting us in our endeavors this year, knowing that we will be grateful to you for your gift. We would love to hear from you!